BetOnline add Boost Poker

Boost Poker

BetOnline have followed in the footsteps of poker sites like Full Tilt, Pokerstars, BetSafe and many other poker sites and added their own version of fast-fold poker or speed poker. Full Tilt was the first to market with this type of poker when they release Rush Poker, which was an instant hit, as it removed the wait between seeing hands. Pokerstars followed soon after with Zoom Poker and a few other sites followed after. However, BetOnline Poker will be the first US friendly poker site to offer fast-fold speed poker with Boost Poker.

BetOnline Boost Poker will be very similar to the versions on other poker sites, like mentioned above. Boost Poker is designed to create non stop action for poker players, meaning players can play more poker in less time.

BetOnline will offer Boost Poker at cash tables and Tournaments. This is a big step for already one of the largest poker sites still allowing US players.

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Boost Poker

Boost Poker is the name BetOnline have used to promote their fast-fold speed poker. Boost Poker is available at cash tables and in tournament format. BetOnline Poker’s Boost Poker will be the first fast-fold poker available to US players.

Fast-Fold Poker

The premise behind Fast-fold poker is when a player folds their hand they are instantly moved to a new table randomly, and instantly dealt a new hand. This happens every time a player folds, which then creates non-stop action.


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