BetOnline sponsor boxing team at King of the Ring

BetOnline have been looking at gaining a larger percentage of sports betters who like to gamble on boxing events. They have seemed to have learned from the amount of money that was gambled on the Mayweather vs McGregor event this year. Mayweather vs McGregor was one of the largest betting events ever.

It seems BetOnline have been smart with there money when it comes to spending on there boxing side. They might not be able to get a deal done with Mayweather or McGregor to promote BetOnline, but they did get someone close. BetOnline seem to have sponsored the main sparring partner of Conor McGregor for the Mayweather fight, Tiernan Bradley, plus his brother Callum Bradley.

It seems BetOnline didn’t stop there and also decided to kit out the whole team that Tiernan and Callum box for, Sacred Heart Omagh Boxing Club, for an event called King of the Ring in Sweden. Sacred Heart Omagh sent a total of 7 fighters to fight at King of the Ring in Boras, Sweden. Reports have said they where to send 9, but 2 of the favourites for gold medals for Sacred Heart where injured just before leaving for the event. One being Tiernan Bradley himself.

However, Tiernan did make the trip to Sweden with the team to support his brother Callum and the rest of his team. Callum who was fighting in the Elite level at his weight and entered the competition as a strong favourite to win gold. Unfortunately Callum got beat in the semi-finals on a split decision by a tough opponent.

After reading reports on the event it seems that Judging was a bit questionable at times. Many reports suggested Judging was inconsistent and near impossible to work out what judges where looking for from fighters. Sacred Heart Coach, Adam Hunter even commented in a newspaper, “among the large number in attendance who were left baffled by some of the judges decisions at this event.” after he felt some of his fighters had been on the wrong end of a few split decisions. In total Sacred Heart Omagh came home with one gold and 3 silver.

Sean Duke was the fighter of the tournament for Sacred Heart picking up the only Gold. Eoin Kelly, Sean Fee and Ciaron Hunter where unlucky not to get Gold but came home with Silver none the less, to give the team a total of 4 medals from 7 fighters suggestion it was a great performance from Sacred Heart Omagh Boxing Club.


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