Betting on Trump Win in 2020

Betonline has been known for a long time to focus mainly on sports and has continued to drop its odds on president Trump winning the re-election in 2020. This is because people are betting on trump to keep his job. 

About two months ago, BetOnline offered odds of 7-4 on Trump or plus-175 and this means that a bettor who made a bet of $100 on Trump to be re-elected would get a reward of $175 if he won in 2020. The same odds were 5-2or plus-250 a year earlier. Last week these odds were reduced to 13-10 or plus-130 from 7-5 or plus-140. The sportsbook brand manager at BetOnline said that the bookie has had a huge exposure on Trump with more bets on him than all other possible candidates put together. They claim that Trump is the only candidate who has had a red number and BetOnline will only lose money if only he won. 

The poll numbers on Trump are not slowing people from betting on him. Lowering the numbers is a strategy to managing risk. The guys at BetOnline say that they have come to realize that it does not matter for people what Trump does, who he offends, or tweets. 

The reason Trump keeps winning is because the Democrats do not have a candidate and will not have one for a while. BetOnline is drawing most bets on potential challengers like Senator Kamala Harris (9-2 odds) and former vice President Joe Biden (5-1 odds) to win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Harris the senator from California opened at 33-1, he slipped to 40-1 and is currently at 12-1 overall. Mason said that Harris and Biden are the top democratic challengers. He said that there are 12 times more bets on Trumps than both of them combined. Bernie Sanders the Senator has odds of 11-2 to win the Democratic nomination but he is tied with Harris for second in the presidential race. Biden is at 14-1 and is tied with Vice president Mike Pence. Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker and Tom Teyer have odds of 20-1. 

According to Mason, he believes that the odds will shift for Trump after one Democratic candidate emerges in the summer of 2020. This is about two years ago and these might be eventful years for these candidates. For now, Trump is the guy to beat for the guys who are willing to put their money on him. 

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