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Is Michigan Coach on the hot seat?

Many are wondering whether the Michigan Coach is on the hot seat after the team lost 24-17 to Notre Dame. But this looks like it since this was a huge loss despite the effort they put towards they play. 

The Wolverines have had a loss of four times consecutively to games stretching to last season. When you look at the brutal Big Ten East Schedule things are not looking up for Michigan. 

If Harbaugh is not able to pull at least one win this season against Ohio state of Michigan State, then you might see khakis running out of style after the season. has put Harbaugh on odds of 2/3 that he will start the coming season as the Michigan’s coach. This is his fourth season at Michigan. 

On the other hand, does not believe that Harbaugh will not be out of work given that he has higher chances of getting a job elsewhere in the NFL or college game. For more fun and alternative to your betting, visit Casino heroes UK for more exciting online gambling experiences. 

BetOnline gives Jags the second best odds for him to trade for Bridgewater

Even though Dave Caldwell and Jacksonville Jaguars front office are committing to Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler people at Vegas want to add one more quarterback. The quarterback’s name is Teddy Bridgewater and BetOnline is a firm believer that his chances of coming to Jacksonville are high. 

While he was with the NewYork Jets, Bridgewater has had a great preseason. This has made people believe that he could be shipped away before the regular season. There are fans that believe that the Jags are a quarterback away from being the best team in football. It seems like Vegas are jumping on the hype-train in hopes that this will happen. 

There are two things that might be fuelling the odds for Vegas for the Jags to land Bridgewater. This can be the Bortles’ performances and the recent reports about Jets being interested in Dante Fowler Jr.

Odds on when Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell will debut his season

Le’Veon Bell has held from his team as he seeks for a lucrative long-term contract. There has been optimism but nothing has been successful this far and the holdout has extended longer than expected. 

We still do not have any sign of the holdout ending and there is belief that he might not be available for the Sunday’s game but according to BetOnline the odds are in favour of Bell that he might debut his season in week 1. The real deal is that Bell might not be seeing the field on Sunday and there is likelihood that he might not even play in 2018. 

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