FAQ about BetOnline Poker

This post is going to try and answer the most common questions asked before people download BetOnline Poker.

Is BetOnline Poker legal in the United States?

BetOnline Poker, BetOnline Casino and BetOnline Sports are all legal in the US. The are licensed, regulated and audited by a 3rd party comply independent from BetOnline.ag.

Is BetOnline Poker a good site?

BetOnline Poker is the best option for US poker players by far. If you have access to the full PokerStars site, I would recommend PokerStars. However, if you live in the US the only real option for online poker is BetOnline.

Does BetOnline Poker have a Mobile Client?

Yes! BetOnline are compatible with android and apple devices. For further info feel free to read our BetOnline Mobile page.

How Fast are BetOnline Poker payouts?

Cashout times vary dependent on the way you decide to withdraw and can take anywhere from 1hr to 15 days. For Dash for example you can receive in 1hr, Bitcoin 24hrs or a wire transfer can take unto 15 days. As you can see just on these 3 options the times greatly vary. We recommend Bitcoin for cashouts personally.

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