How Would you do With a Million?

Making a million at the casino is not, statistically, that likely to happen. But, statistically, there is always a chance you will hit it big and walk away with a massive stack of cash. It could be the next spin of the reels when you play at Paddy Power Casino, or when your lucky numbers finally come in on the Lottery. Or, you could only end up winning a couple hundred. 

You never know though!

But if you did win all that money what would you even do with it? I mean, everyone has a plan –they’d go on a cruise with their loved ones, finish paying off their mortgage, maybe even splurge and buy a fancy new car. But have you got all the details worked out?

While it might take a while for you to find out the normal way, this quiz of ours is a great litmus test of what sort of spender you’re going to be.

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