The 5 Most Expensive Casinos in the World!

Sometimes you want to play games in a casino that’s a little bit more upmarket. You don’t just want to play roulette in your regular, you want to go somewhere fun and enjoy a top-class experience! Well, you picked the right hobby! If there’s any industry that has a focus on making sure your environment is as luxurious as it can be its casinos.

It’s why you so frequently see casino hotels, both intending to provide easy accommodation for anyone who wants to stay and also ensuring rich patrons are drawn towards other services they provide within the hotel (i.e. restaurants, spa facilities). Occasionally, they’ll have a resort attached to the process as well

You’d be amazed at how expensive some of these buildings have been, in fact of the ten most expensive buildings in the world right now 6 of them are casino related. Some of them are truly incredible, like the Resorts World Sentosa, which has the largest oceanarium in the world as well as a Universal Studios theme park in addition to a superb selection of casinos and first-class hotels to stay at. But even that is not the most expensive casino building in the world, to see what that is just read on…

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