Women of WSOP; ‘The First Lady of Poker’

Linda Johnson claims to be the first lady of poker. She said that if more women were to be attracted to poker, they needed to make the game more social. In the poker tournament fields, women are about 5% and 10% and the number gets even smaller when it comes to the high roller events. In this article together with worldpokerdeals – online poker rockstars, we mean to encourage more women into the participation of poker tournaments. We will highlight exceptional women braving and excelling in the man’s world of poker. 

Lind Johnson paves way for the women to compete in the world of poker dominated by men. She started this a long time ago when there were far fewer ladies taking part in the poker tournaments. She claims to have a great passion for poker and that it is still her favourite hobby. The first lady of poker always looks forward to her next hand. She adds that she isn’t a degenerate since she has a lot of other things she loves doing in her free time. She said that the reason she love poker is the fact that she loves competing and she loves winning money while at it. 

Johnson has accomplished a lot in the industry and her felt goes for miles. You need not look further than her Hall of Fame and Honours inductions to see the respect she commands in the industry. She was part of the inaugural 2008 class for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. This was along other women like Marsha Waggoner, Susie Isaacs and Barbara Enright. Three years later in 2011, she was honoured as a member of the mainstream Poker Hall of Fame and she was inducted with Barry Greenstein. 

First Lady of Poker has also won the coveted WSOP gold bracelet in $1500 seven-card Razz in 1997 where she raked more than $400,000 in career tournament cashes. 

Johnson loves to play poker varieties like H.O.R.S.E and razz. When she is not playing poker, she loves movies, theatre, travel and dancing. She is able to bridge her greatest interests through cruising and has been aboard somewhere around 350 Card Player Cruises. 

The first lady of poker has seen more than three decades of World Series of Poker evolutions. Her first WSOP appearance was on Hendon Mob that happened in 1982 and there was a $500 Women’s 7-Card Stud event and she made it to the final in the table. From the times she has played, she has noted a key difference that sticks out when playing these days. She says that in the past the events used to be more sociable but nowadays everyone want to be on their phone. She added that if they wanted to attract more people into the event, they needed to make the event more social. She pointed out that women get involved in such events for entertainment and when they are not talked to, they have no reason to come back to the events. 

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