BadBeat Jackpot last Won for $392,000 on the 9th of February!

BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot

On the 9th of February, player ONEnDONE thought he had taken down a healthy pot when he faced a river card showdown while holding onto four of a kind jacks. The hand opened with ONEnDONE being dealt pocket jacks and the flop showing Ace/Jack/Jack, giving ONEnDONE four of a kind on the flop. Hoping to build the pot, he checked and saw his opponent check behind him. The turn card dealt ten of hearts and saw betting action from ONEnDONE and a call by his one remaining opponent. The hand came down to the river and saw an ace being dealt, and an all-in move on the part of ONEnDone, with an immediate call from HslHoff. As the cards were shown, it saw ONEnDone’s hand of four of a kind jacks beat by HslHoff four of a kind aces.

The bad beat jackpot saw all players at the table enjoying a record payday. ONEnDone watched his bankroll grow by a very respectable $137,177.64 and HslHoff watch his grow by $68,569.21. The remaining players, which happen to include a full table celebrated the win with $9,795.61 increases to their bankrolls.

The BadBeat Jackpot offered at BetOnline is awarded when a player loses a hand with four of a kind jacks or better. This sees the distribution of the jackpot going to the player who lost the hand, the player who won the hand and all remaining players seated at the table. All table limits are eligible to win the bad beat jackpot, and considering the opportunities it affords, it is well worth participating in the cash tables at BetOnline Poker. The jackpot continues to grow with each hand played until won and is currently over $563,000.

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