Find the best NFL betting lines and promotions on the Internet

If you’re looking for an online sports-book that specializes in NFL wagers (as well as taking care of their NFL sports-bettors with special promotions and offers) than look no further than the rapidly growing, a part of the Action Poker Network.

In the BetOnline sports-book you’ll find a ton of different wagers on every NFL game, including point spreads, money-lines, over/unders, and first and second half betting. But in addition to the sheer number of bets a player will find available to themselves at BetOnline, they will also find a number of exclusive offers at the site; aimed specifically at players who wager on NFL games.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose for your NFL wagers:

Halftime Surrenders

Ever been on the wrong side and ready to throw the towel in at the Half? Sure, we all have. No worries, just wave the white flag and we’ll give you half of your NFL bet back.

Just like in Blackjack, Surrendering can be a very profitable bet, saving you a lot of cash in the long-run. There is a reason this option is available AT A Blackjack table, and why serious blackjack players take advantage of it. Now you can do the same with your sports wagers, thanks to

Shutout Bailout

If the NFL team you back fails to put one stinking point on the board by the time the final whistle blows, your bet will be refunded.

This will likely be the first time a player ROOTS for the team he chose to bet on to be blown out –Shut-out in fact! It’s simple, if your team doesn’t score a single point, you don’t have to pay.

Mulligan Bet

Simply put, a Mulligan is a “do-over”. If your NFL bet isn’t a winner, take a Mulligan and your wager will be returned.

No longer will you be left crying over spilt milk, as allows you the option for a do-over on any single wager you place. Check out for the rules associated with the Mulligan bet.

Players who join BetOnline will also be eligible for the site’s Lifetime Bonus Offer, which grants all qualified deposits made at BetOnline for the rest of your life a deposit match bonus of up to 25%.

For more information on these offers, and other promotions at BetOnline, you can check out their website at

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