2020 US Presidential Election bets already up

2020 US Presidential Election bets already up

The 2020 presidential US election is more than two years away but BetOnline.ag has already offered the odds to the winner. According to the Brand Manager at BetOnline Sportbook, he said that election odds are popular. 

The listing has 46 candidates and celebrities. This should be little surprise that the incumbent president who in this case can be said to be the defending champion is the favourite. The odds on Trump who has his 16 month presidency engulfed in controversy are getting shorter. The current odds stand at 7-4. A year ago, BetOnline had provided odds of 5-2 on trump being elected. These odds stayed this way through July and August but later changed to 2-1, early January. At his celebration for one year being in the office, the odds rose to about 9-4 and then dropped again in February to 2-1. This could be a good time to bet on Trump if they continue to fall, especially with the bonuses BetOnline.ag are offering.

BetOnline.ag Bitcoin Bonus

This is an incredible bonus being offered by BetOnline.ag and is meant for those who make deposits using bitoin. To get the 50% match bonus; use the code CRYPTOBET on the first ever deposit with the currency. This bonus can be used to make bets on the US presidential elections or bitcoin slots gambling.

Action on Trump

A lot of action is being received by Trump with more being expected by Mason. At the moment, if a bettor wagers $100 for Trump to win the 2020 election and wins, they get $275 in winnings. If the bet was made a year ago, the bettor would get $350. Mason predicts that this will be an exciting and big event in 2020 if Trump is still in office. He continued to say that they are exposed big time on trump and there are six times more bets on him compared to the second most popular candidate who is Biden. He said that if the election was to happen in the near future, there would be a lot of sweat but there is still a lot of action expected to happen and this includes the future Democratic nominee. 

When it comes to betting, this is not predicting but there is a lot of interesting insight given to the public perception. For instance, the Philadelphia Eagles are not Trump’s favourite football team at the moment but they were five point underdogs to the New England Patriots prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl LII since the Eagles had not won a Super Bowl but the Patriots had won five. The Eagles proceeded to win the Bowl and Trump gave them an invite to the White House. 

Similar to the sports odds, the election odds are meant to draw an even amount of interest. They can then be tweaked depending on the action they will get. For sportsbooks, they carry out a quick research and give the odds as they suit best. They will then adjust them with regard to the early action or lack of action. They can make the decision to be more aggressive since the election is far and they have plenty of time to make adjustments. 

For Oprah Winfrey who is also placed as a candidate, his odds changes abruptly from 50-1 to 20-1 then to 10-1. This is after she had given a powerful speech on gender equality at the Golden Globes ceremony in January. 


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