BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot has come up with one of the best bonuses for their poker enthusiasts. You will without doubt love the new bad beat jackpot that has the potential to change your life. BetOnline believes that you get a better chance of winning the jackpot if the prize money is a lot. This is true and the reason they have come up with a new jackpot for you to contest for. 

As one of the best poker websites in the region there are higher chances of hitting the jackpot since this is the purpose BetOnline had when they brought together the Bad Beat Jackpot. All you are required to do is try your luck at the designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables marked with the yellow star. 

In the event when your four of a kind J’s or better gets trumped by a better hand, you and all other playing at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables will be sharing the sweet six figure jackpot. The table below shows how the jackpot will be shared. 

Share of Pot Who receives the share
20% Player with the bad beat
12.5% Winner of the hand
12.5% Other players at the table
12.5% Other players at other bad beat tables
30% Next into the next Bad Beat Jackpot
12.5% Administrative fees

This is a six figure jackpot that is meant to grow every minute and there is no limit to the prize money. The most current qualifying hand will always be displayed in the poker software banners. You are supposed to often check these banners for you to confirm the recent requirements. 

Terms and Conditions applied to BBJ

  • The promotion only applies to ring games with the Bad Beat Jackpot tag
  • The contributions to the jackpot will automatically be taken at the rate of $0.1 per $4 in the pot. The maximum contribution that can be taken is $0.5
  • The contributions will only be taken from the bad beat special tables
  • Bad beat only applies on hands where four or more players are dealt 
  • For one to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, players need to lose in a hand where they have a four of a kind Jacks or a better hand
  • Both hole cards need to be included in the bad beat hand and in the winning hand
  • If you sit in more than one bad beat jackpot table, you will only receive one reward
  • Whenever there is a dispute, BetOnline will have the final word on it
  • The hand needs to get to a showdown for one to get the reward

New Player Freeroll

Are you new to BetOnline? Make your first ever deposit to get the ticket to a $10,000 tournament. This comes in handy for the poker lovers. 

All that’s required from you is to make your first deposit and you will get a ticket to claim your free seat. The tournament usually happens on the second Sunday of every month at 17:00 ET. 

  • This new tournament runs every second Sunday of each month
  • After making your first deposit you will get tickets to the month that follows
  • You get the ticket within 72 hours of the new month
  • You will be expected to play in the tournament in the month following month after the month you make the deposit. If you do not use the ticket, it will expire. 
  • BetOnline is at liberty to alter this offer terminate it when they like

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