BetOnline down

BetOnline DDoS attack

Sports bettors have been frustrated for the last couple of weeks after was down and bettors were not able to access the site. This was bad timing as March Madness was the norm of the day at the time. This is such a bad impression for the company since not only was BetOnline down but other sites owned by the company like and as well. the issue leading to this seems to have started on 1st March which took a toll on the different sites. This caused the sites to go offline then come back online again. The sites would work depending on the device you used and then go offline. It was hard for one to make a deposit or place wagers. said this was routine maintenance but they never gave a heads up early enough for it which makes us speculate that they might have been victims of cyber-attack or something of the sort. But the exact details might not be determined at the moment but this was a DDOS attack. On Friday, 9th March, Dave Mason who promotes BetOnline on Twitter released a statement and from it, he reassured players that this was not from BetOnline’s activities but from an outside attack.

This attack caused more than 7000 websites across the world to go down. This is an activity that was launched by an outsider who intended on disrupting access to the site and upset the players. This has prompted the company to work closely with their service providers to restore the service but it took longer than intended. is a professional and mindful of its players’ security and this is the reason they have plans in the pipeline to put in place more security measures to make it easy for them to mitigate such occurrences in the future.

As a player at the betting site, you need not be worried about anything; your funds are safe, as well as, your personal information. This is not an attack that will pose danger to your funds or banking information. If at all you are worried, after the site is up you can choose to go for alternative banking methods like the cryptocurrencies support the site. The support, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

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